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Final Paycheck Requirements

In Indiana...

If the employee is involuntarily terminated, the final paycheck is due on the next regularly scheduled payday.

Employee Quits

If the employee quits, the final paycheck is due on the next regularly scheduled payday.  If an employee quits and the employee's whereabouts or address are not known to the employer, the employer need not pay the employee until:

  1. Ten (10) business days have elapsed after the employee has made a demand for the wages due to the employee;  or
  2. The employee has furnished the employer with the employee's address where the wages may be sent or forwarded.

Payment of Unused Benefits on Termination

Indiana law does not address the payment of unused benefits upon termination. Generally speaking, an employer who has agreed, either in a written or oral policy or by practice, to pay employees for accrued but unused time off should include such payment in the final paycheck (whether or not a state has enacted a specific law to that effect).

More information regarding final paycheck requirements is available from the State of Indiana (Section 22-2-9-2).

Please Note: The state laws summaries featured on this site are for general informational purposes only. In addition to state law, certain municipalities may enact legislation that imposes different requirements. State and local laws change frequently and, as such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information featured in the State Laws section. For more detailed information regarding state or local laws, please contact your state labor department or the appropriate local government agency.

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