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HRA Event

HRA Event
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AgriPlan and BizPlan Clients save an average of more than $5,000 a year on their taxes!

The key to these savings is the ability to declare medical expenses as a business expense rather than a personal deduction.

These plans enable qualified small business owners to deduct 100 percent of federal, state, and self-employment taxes for family medical expenses. If you are a farmer, realtor, trucker, or other small business owner, these plans may be able to help you and your family save thousands of dollars each year. Learn more about AgriPlan and BizPlan here.

Join us and TASC for the BizPlan and AgriPlan HRA Event to learn more about how this plan can save you money on your taxes.

TASC is a third-party administrator providing innovative solutions that protect your bottom line and assure peace of mind.

BizPlan and AgriPlan HRA Event Details

The HRA Event was held on June 28, 2017.  If you missed the event, you may still view the recorded session.  Please complete the following form to request the video link be sent to you.

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