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RBSK Payroll Is On A Roll

RBSK Payroll Is On A Roll
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RBSK Partners has offered payroll services for much of the 52 years it’s been in business, but three years ago, the payroll department branched off and became a branded division on its own. Its name, RBSK Payroll, retains the reputation of its parent company and alerts customers to the specific services it provides.

Clients that use RBSK Payroll get the benefit of handing off a task that can be complex and time-consuming.

Starting Off Right

When RBSK Payroll began, explains Managing Partner John Seale, the company made some technology improvements. First, it started using a new software system capable of handling much larger volumes. “We can now handle about 100 accounts per payroll professional,” says Seale.

Services and Locations

RBSK offers its services in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, and primarily works with businesses that have between one to 100 employees, though the team has the capacity to serve a company with up to 1,000 employees. Clients are from many industries including manufacturing, agriculture, the service industry, and nonprofit organizations.

RBSK Payroll also offers related services like background checks, labor law posters, and an HR library that includes laws, templates, and other information for HR professionals.

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