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TASC Tax Saving Programs for Small Businesses

RBSK Partners PC is partnering with TASC to offer tax-advantaged benefits and compliance solutions for small business owners.

Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC’s) Microbusiness Division serves small business owners with 20 or fewer employees by helping to administer compliance and benefit options. TASC offers a variety of compliant solutions regardless of whether or not you sponsor Group insurance:

  • A Section 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) allows qualified small business owners to deduct their family’s out-of-pocket medical expenses as business tax deductions. The average BizPlan/AgriPlan Client saves over $5,500 each year! TASC also offers an industry-exclusive Audit Guarantee, Deduction Guarantee, and a TASC Card to make medical expense reimbursement as easy as the swipe of a debit card.
  • A Small Business HRA (QSEHRA) enables employers with fewer than 50 employees to reimburse individual insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses. This Plan provides a tremendous opportunity for small employers who don’t offer Group insurance but want to help their employees offset ever-rising healthcare costs.
  • FlexSystem Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) can provide significant pre-tax savings to employees and employers alike. Employees save nearly 30% on their eligible healthcare and/or dependent care expenses. And employers save on payroll taxes for each and every dollar of employee participation. Group insurance is required.
  • The Microbusiness Compliance Suite: Employers who sponsor Group health and welfare benefits and have more than one benefit-eligible employee are subject to ERISA, HIPAA, and Annual Notices and the fines and penalties associated with noncompliance of these Acts. TASC has got your back with their Microbusiness bundled service offering.

TASC will administer the process and include TASC card debit cards, online account balances, and support from its Customer Care Center.

Applicable Fees

TASC Tax Saving Programs for Small Businesses

See what an attendee had to say after last year's event:

“We think the Small Employer HRA we set up thru TASC is wonderful. Given the rising healthcare costs our employees are facing, the plan allows us to help them with their medical expenses on a tax advantaged basis. Truly a win-win for everyone!”  ~  Watts Electric, Inc.

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Managing Partner
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TASC Regional Director
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Julia Cordio
Microbusiness Specialist
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