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Time Clock Integration

We have partnered with Time Rack, Inc., provider of a leading web-based proactive time clock solution that offers a robust and customizable program for meeting the unique needs of any organization.

The time clock software offers deep integration with our payroll software and provides us with the processing power to handle even complex payrolls using a streamlined, automated end-to-end process. Its integration enables time clock data to be imported seamlessly into the software.

Time Entry Methods

Time Clock Integration Mobile App with GPS Tracking

  • Time Rack's mobile app is compatible with iPhones and iPads, and most android smartphones and tablets
  • Tackle buddy punching by geotagging the employee via GPS and taking a picture using the front facing camera

Time Clock Integration Web Clock / Web Time Sheet

  • Time Rack's web clock eliminates the need for clock hardware by allowing the employee to punch in via the web
  • Restrict clocking in/out to certain computers with IP addresses restrictions
  • Employees can print, export, read-only, and/or edit their time cards if allowed by management

Time Clock Integration Facial Recognition Clock

  • State of the art 3D imaging technology allows employees to clock in while providing hygienic 100% touch-free biometric authentication
  • Employees can punch in with face recognition, fingerprint, ID card or PIN/password

Time Clock Integration Biometric Clock

  • Allows employees to clock in using fingerprint and eliminates buddy punching
  • Ability to use proximity badges and/or a password/PIN
  • Ability to download punches via USB if clock loses internet connection

Modules Offered

Employee Time Off Request Module

  • Employees can submit PTO, Sick, or Vacation time off requests to management for approval via their employee portal.

Human Resource Module

  • Maintain records of employee PTO balances, benefits, insurance plans, and performance reviews among other information.

Employee Self-Service Module

  • Employees have the ability to log into their portal and change their personal information, W4 and State W4 withholding.

Employee Web Portal Modules Offered

Web Punch

Web time clock allows employees to clock in and out using the web from any computer or designated computers at work

Optional capability to clock into different departments, locations, job codes, or any other customized company level.

Web Timesheet

  • Employees can review, save, or print their current time card or view previous pay period time cards.
  • Optional capability allowing employees to manually add or edit punches on their time cards.

Time Off Request

  • Employees may submit a time off request electronically for management approval.
  • Employees can track the status of their submission and cancel any pending requests.


  • If managers create schedules, employees can view, save, and print their schedule.
  • Schedules are updated in real time upon manager completion.

Notice Board

  • Managers may post notices to all or groups of employees for any company related messages or news.

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